Studio Visit

Studio Visit

Watercolor Pretzel

Inspiration: I try to make art that feels authentic to me. The best way I found to do that is to make things that are connected to something in my life. I knew I wanted to create a print with roots to my home in NYC, but didn't know how. After lots of sketches of yellow taxis, manhattan skylines, and central park vistas - I had an ahah moment. If you've been to New York City, you know you can't walk a block in midtown without running into a pretzel stand. To me, they are a symbol of the never-ending and random fun waiting around the corner.

Process: watercolor is letting pigment and water work their magic and hoping you can nudge them in a certain direction. I painted about 30 before I finally was happy with them.

My favorite detail: the salt dots were made with... SALT! Using a technique where salt is sprinkled into wet watercolor, each grain absorbs water and repels pigment leaving a light colored spot behind. Definitely DO try this at home!

Watercolor Dots

Inspiration: dots are simple. I love the way such a simple shape lets the color do all of the talking. They also look like confetti. I love that too.  

Process: you can see above that each dot was painted much larger than it appears in the printed fabric. I did this so that each individual dot had it's own watery texture.

My favorite detail: the pops of cerulean and cadmium yellow.

Mixed Media

Inspiration: I love the feeling of afternoon sun on my face, and I wanted to capture that sensation in abstract. 

Process: one of my preferred painting techniques is sanding. That's right - removing paint! After building layers of acrylic, I had a rough idea of what was going to show up - but I had to wait to see what the sand paper revealed. There was a little bit of magic in the surprise. 

My favorite detail: this is one of my favorite paintings I've ever made. I love the layers of texture - from heavy brushstrokes to tiny scratches of color peeking through the sanded areas.